• Saturn Records
    Great on-line store with vinyl catalogues in all categories -- Rock, Punk/Modern, Jazz, Soul/Funk, Soundtracks/Shows, Vocalists, Classical/Opera, Easy Listening

  • the Vinyl Underground
    A gallery of picture discs and colored vinyl records.

  • SpinAuctions
    A series of online auctions for collectable records of the Beatles, Bee Gees, Elvis, Stones etc.

  • the Record Collectors Guild
    For and about collecting vinyl records.

    over 10,000 Rare Vinyl Records from the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s

  • Appletree Records
    With over 30 years experience in collecting music Appletree has new & used vinyl, tapes, colored discs, picture discs. Country, Rock, Classic Rock & everything else inbetween.

  • Vinyl Only
    Dedicated to the collection and enjoyment of LP vinyl records. Includes an Album of the Month, collecting tips, guestbook, message board, and links.

  • RecordAlbums.com
    all types of records for sale...

  • Convert your record collection (LP's, 78's) to CD's. So
    Digital restoration of recordings (LP's,78's,tapes) and transfer to CD. Crackles, pops and scratches, signs of aging or heavy use will be gone. Available at a price that anyone can afford: restore one unique recording or an entire 300 LP collection.

  • Jethro Tull World & Online Auctions
    Check out my monthly online auctions, lots of Jethro Tull collectibles along with rare item on CCR, King Crimson, etc. Hundreds of Jethro Tull items on my set-sale list.

  • The 80's Vinyl Collection
    80's 12" Vinyl collection with wave files demonstration. Midi Files contribution are most welcome. Vinyl are for sale or exchange.

  • Psych, Garage LPs & Singles Wanted & Traded
    Want list of original psych & garage vinyl, along with 45s & LPs I have for trading. International Artists label discography, wants & traders

  • Venerable Music
    Having trouble finding the original 78rpm records of your favorite artists? Check out our online catalog, featuring thousands of recordings from the teens to the 50's. All on CD & Cassette.

  • The 78rpm Record Collectors Society
    Dutch Society for Collectors of 78rpm records and other historical sound recordings (also on vinyl)

  • Collectibles Corner
    Collectible Records of all varieties. Some nice label scans.