FAX from Chris in South Africa

Dear Sirs - I am writing to you in connection with your "Record Restorer" product.

A while ago I encountered the product through your advertisement in the "Record Collector" magazine. I acquired a supply of the product which I have used on a number of my records. It has been very successful and certainly lives up to all your modest claims. I and others, are indeed amazed at the audible difference it has made to the records.

Yesterday I visited the home of the host of a local radio talk-show, where I demonstrated Record Restorer on some of his records. He chose them in advance, without telling me anything about their existing condition. To establish a 'benchmark', he played a couple of them for me, and the surface noise was just awful, others he declined to play, saying that he had tried and they simply would not track properly, or were so noisy that no properly discernible music came out. Anyway, we treated his records, and without exception, every one was not only playable, but fit for broadcasting. He was astonished, as I was, even though I had every expectation of success.

The radio station - a community station with a listenership in excess of ¼ million - has undertaken to promote the product on the air, and I believe it will reach a receptive audience.