The fluid is very concentrated. Each kit cleans over 100 vinyl 33 rpm LPs or twice as many 45 rpm singles.

The specially formulated Record Restorer thoroughly cleanses the vinyl surface. The anti-static properties plus the fungicidal and anti-bacterial components of the solution help prevent further accumulations in the delicate grooves.

Record Restorer has been tested on millions of discs throughout the world and has proved to be totally safe in all cases. Everything you need to hear your treasured recordings in the best possible condition.


Pour out a cap full of the cleaning liquid (there are 10 - 12 cap fulls in each bottle). Dilute in 2 litres (about 3 pints) of tepid water -- this is enough to restore ten 12" LPs or twice as many 7" singles

Work with a large bowl and dip the edge of your records into the diluted liquid. Use the sponge supplied to wash the liquid over the record grooves — sweep the liquid in the direction of the grooves (not across them).

Rinse with cold water and leave to dry naturally in a vertical postion – and old record rack is ideal for this. Detailed instructions are supplied with each kit.

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